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Are you experiencing an increase in your body fat percentage? Do you have body fat measured on a scale? In terms of BMI, we suggest you weigh yourself three times at the same time during this survey, and weigh yourself again within three months of the beginning of the study. We are currently in the process of adjusting the survey for women’s body weight measurement methods. The results from this survey will likely be updated in March 2018.

What is this study doing at Johns Hopkins


This study is an effort to understand what may be contributing to an increased risk of diabetes among the US adult population. A previous study on the metabolic syndrome has shown that women were more likely to develop the metabolic syndrome when compared to men when they were obese, with a significant increase in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes associated with increased adiposity. The increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes could also be related to weight because weight increase and insulin resistance are both associated with obesity.

Are you aware the metabolic syndrome is a risk factor for diabetes?

Yes. If you have the metabolic syndrome, more than 20% of men and up to 30% of women in our study would have developed diabetes if they never gained weight.

What is the significance of a study on people with the metabolic syndrome?

The results of this study are important because overweight and obese individuals have been shown to have a decreased risk of diabetes. The increased risk could be related to an increase in glucose or weight gain, or it could also be related to a change in insulin sensitivity. If there is a strong link between the metabolic syndrome and a reduced risk for diabetes, it is important to understand the mechanisms that lead to these outcomes, and what mechanisms can be altered by weight loss or the effect of nutrition on reducing risk.

Are you aware that weight loss programs may prevent Type 2 diabetes?

Yes. Weight loss programs designed to prevent diabetes include the following:

Increasing activity and lower sedentary behavior;

Eating regularly;

Improving diets to reduce food intake; and/or

Encouraging physical activity.

In the current research, one of the primary goals of this study is to explore how weight loss or the reduction of dieting influences these outcomes. Studies such as the Harvard Weight Watchers program have shown that some people can be successfully weight loss on their own in order to have a longer term weight loss. This would be similar to the outcome reported in our study.

Is this

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