How can I lose weight in 3 days?

You can lose weight in 3 days, if you follow the 3 steps in this video.

Step: 1. Eat a delicious protein smoothie

Step: 2. Reduce to 30 minutes!

Step: 3. Take 2 easy walks and run 4 hours

This will help you to burn more calories without eating more.

I am trying to be healthy, just for the sake of being healthy and not being unhealthy

It’s a waste of your hard-earned money.

1 cup spinach is a lot more expensive than 1 cup potato (1.5 cups, is cheaper).

If you are serious about being healthy, you can’t have only 1 healthy meal, or one with no added salt.

2 cups of potatoes will only supply 250 calories!

If you want to lose weight quickly, you don’t have enough time to cook a whole meal.

I am not saying to eat only potatoes.

My diet requires you to be more adventurous. You have to make the switch. You have to follow the 4 rules of healthy eating

The idea that eating the most affordable, easy vegetables will help fat storage.

The idea that having a healthy diet will help you feel full longer!

The idea that eating low-carb is a waste of money because fats only make fat!

The idea that eating a low-carb, moderate protein will lead to higher blood sugar.

The idea that eating too many fruits and vegetables leads to diabetes and heart disease.

The idea that eating a low-carb, moderate protein diet will help you feel full more.

How much protein do I need for my body?

There are different ways to calculate the total protein needs for your body. I suggest you use one of these methods or one of the methods that is based on the number of kilograms you need to reach the number of kilograms that you need.

In this example, 1 kilogram is 1,5 kilograms.

This means you need 3 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight.

1 gram of protein is 100 calories.

To calculate calories, divide 100 by your weight in kilograms.

Thus, to burn 250 calories in 1 gram, you need 1,5 x 250. 250 = 450 calories.

For this example, you want to burn 650 calories in a day; so there is an upper limit of 450 calories per day for your body.