How can I lose 5kg in 2 weeks?

How can I lose 5lb in 2 hours?
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The best diet to lose weight quickly and easily is to eat a high-carb diet (low-fat). This can be done from the beginning of your weight loss journey . . . and will not make you fat. To start, the best diet to lose weight quickly and easily is to eat a high-carb diet (low-fat). You will start by following this diet for 2 weeks by adding 1g of carbs daily. At the end of 2 weeks, when your body has reached the limit of its capacity to burn carbs, you can change back (eat 2g more carbs, then 1g less carbs). There is no need to follow a strict diet when you start out. You will gain back 10 to 15kg weight in two weeks, then go back to your old weight. It will take you about 2 weeks to lose 15-20kg. This process will take you through atleast 14-16 weeks.
How do I get started? What questions are there if I start a new diet? Well, there is a lot, in fact we will give you lots of information about it so that you can decide what is most beneficial for you. This is called dieting. You need to begin with the most low-carb diet with 1g of fat daily , and you need to continue to do this as time goes on. Once your body has gained the capacity to burn carbs in your system, the 2nd week of the diet you can gradually increase the number of daily carbs you need. This is not about trying and failing at dieting, it’s about being on a low-carb diet with a very small amount of carbs. This approach works great for the first few weeks. After you’ve established that you can burn carbs without problem, and have lost your excess weight, then you can increase the calories from carbs at the right time to help you get on a high-carb diet again as needed.
Is this diet low-fat? Yes, you can have it all or nothing. That being said, it is important to understand why. There are some low-fat foods that you need to learn to avoid. It’s best to avoid butter, cream, cheese etc. There are also some high-fat foods, such as ice cream , baked beans, bread etc. So you must know what you’re eating. We have provided an easy to follow dieting plan for beginners .

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