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When the first news articles came out in September about Trump’s relationship with the Russian government and Russia’s election meddling, the timing wasn’t right. It was like reading about the story of a murderer on trial and hoping the trial is the last he’ll see—all the while, the murderer keeps talking, so that people keep dying.

But the most striking thing about the stories about Trump’s Russia connection was the timing. The reports—some coming in before the campaign, others coming out of the campaign—were consistent in their claims about Trump and Russia. But they were so different and so startling that the story could not be easily categorized as pro — or anti — Trump. The stories were, rather, about how, in the absence of any conclusive evidence of collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia, how could Trump possibly be so sure?

The story that Trump is guilty is one that is both widely shared by Trump supporters and, as a recent Washington Post editorial put it, “justly alarmist.” If you were reading and taking in the news as the election neared and reading the “bombshell” claims without taking some time to assess their veracity—as many do while reading the headlines, the New York Times says—you’d be well served to check out the Post article or something like it to get up-to-date information about all the things you’re hearing or reading. As the Post points out, “In fact, most of the ‘evidence’ presented in the media—if not every single headline—is just plain wrong.” It goes on to lay out many of the ways that Trump’s past dealings with Russia are incorrect. “It’s time to stop being so surprised anymore,” Post editorial director Jennifer Rubin writes.

On the same day that the Post published an editorial on the need to stop being so surprised in a situation like this, another editorial by

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