How can I decrease my waist size? – Dieting Exercise

You want to decrease your waist size as much as possible and keep up with the other body type. So, you want to wear the pants of your choice more often than clothes your body is not suited for. Also you can try to keep the size of your pant size up and you can do this by following the below tips:

• Stay aware of your body shape. You can identify your body shape at least once a week.

• Take a photo of your body and add the picture to your digital camera.

You can also print out the information that you find relevant to your current waist size and use it on your body in the same fashion.

To reduce your body fat level:

• Do some light cardio daily.
What Does It Really Take to Lose Weight Fast For Men?

• Wear a t-shirt or jeans with an apron.

• Avoid excessive eating.

• Avoid eating sweets as your body is more sensitive to its nutrition.

• Eat healthy.

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