How can I boost up my metabolism?

A good starting place is to eat some more. A small snack before each meal (like a chocolate cake, for example) and moderate drinking of fluid can help you burn more calories, which also can help you feel fuller for longer.

Another way to boost up your metabolism is to eat more foods that are high in energy-dense carbohydrates – such as the starchy legumes of the tubers plant. Beans and peas in particular are very energy-dense and help your body burn extra calories. One such starch, sorghum, has been shown to boost up your metabolism by a whopping 45 percent. If you’re trying to boost up your metabolism further, you may find it helpful to try foods such as konjac (Brazilian beans) and blackstrap molasses, which have been shown to increase your metabolism by 24 percent for a few days.

If you’re still wondering if low-carb eating has worked out well for you, it is highly possible that it does just that! So feel free to try several low-carb diets at one time if you think they might be right for you.

Low-Carb Diets Work
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After you’ve followed a low-carb diet plan for a few weeks, you might feel that you need to adjust your eating frequency to avoid getting too hungry. The best way to stay true to the plan is to plan your meals around the amount of calories you’re eating. To do this, you can use our Meal Planner or create your own meal plan.

You may find it easier to eat a larger portion size when you plan out your meals to allow plenty of time for you to consume each meal.

Many of our popular recipes are low-carb, so they’ll also have plenty of calories. If you use our meal planner, you can easily customize your meal plan to make sure you’re eating enough calories, protein, and carbs, too.

Even though you can eat as many calories as you’d like on a low-carb diet, you may not want to when you have to eat in a fasted state. Some people will feel uncomfortable eating the small amounts of carbs that they might have been eating on a traditional diet because they get hungry even when it’s not very close to meal time.

What Are Low-Carb Diets and Why Does It Need to Be Listed on the Diet Guide?

Low carb diets can help you burn fat and build muscle while lowering your overall calorie intake