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When it comes to iron pills, most supplements contain iron for the following reasons:

Iron is an essential nutrient used by the body. It is a vital part of our bones and tissues, and contributes to red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. Iron is so indispensable to our health that it is often needed alongside other nutrients. In fact, studies have shown that over an 80–90% reduction in daily intake of iron by patients taking iron supplements results in weight loss. This is particularly important for people who are overweight, as iron supplements do not usually contain an adequate amount of iron.

It is not the most effective form of iron available. Iron is absorbed into blood, where it is processed by the liver. However, many supplements contain iron (mostly iron for vitamin C) and not only do they contain a lot of it, but also a lot of caffeine, which does not work as well as iron. The liver converts the iron to more effective forms of iron in the body – the more you use more iron is converted to ineffective forms that are not as effective for your body. This means you end up with high levels of iron in the blood that need to be used for energy, which means that you end up with weight gain over time.

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Many commonly used iron supplements contain a lot of caffeine – most of which is not needed for energy.

Caffeine is often used by those who do not necessarily need it for energy, which can affect their heart and health. However, high level of caffeine leads to the symptoms of excess cravings and poor sleep. This might explain why studies have shown that over an 80–90% reduction in daily intake of iron by patients taking iron supplements results in weight loss. (8, 9)

Is it possible to get pregnant and get iron pills?

Although it is easy to get pregnant or get an iron pill, it is not safe for pregnant women to take the pills. There are two main reasons why this might be so, which are:

Some women get pregnant after taking iron pills. In rare cases, this can cause your body to over produce iron. This may lead to iron pill side effects such as nausea and fever, which may cause some complications or even death. However – this can only happen if you are taking iron supplements.

Many women who have had children, are experiencing a prolonged period of inactivity, or are pregnant, have higher iron stores in their blood. This means they need less and less iron

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