Does drinking water help you lose weight? – Week 1 Weight Loss

A lot of people don’t understand why you should drink water. Most of the information we have about the effects of water and weight loss comes from studies that focused on the effects of drinking a certain amount of water. These studies used diet or physical exercise as the main goal. The research has shown that for every 1 gram of water drinking you can lose 1 kg. In other words if you drink 200 ml of water per day, you can lose 2 kg of water!

In the long run, I think there is no point in drinking so much water, because as soon as you drink it your body doesn’t need the extra water. It’s normal to take a lot of water every day. Some of my patients just drink it straight from the tap, others like you will take some water with the food of course in between meals. But, I don’t think there is anything wrong by water, unless you drink too much. Water should be added in any form, and I recommend you make sure to drink water all the time. You will need that extra water with every meal and every snack. I also think it’s a good idea to reduce the amount of food you eat, that is why I recommend more energy and protein bars, and also more water. Water is good with protein bars to avoid bloating. If you want to make sure you take a lot of water, try to take in about 1/5 cup a day. You can always cut back to one to two cups a day, that’s how much I recommend.

What are the worst ways you would die if you drank too much water?

There are no obvious death threats from taking a lot of water, but drinking too much is definitely dangerous if you are pregnant because it will make your baby heavier. You would have to stop drinking for about six weeks before you would get to the baby, and before that time, you could get into a coma from the vomiting if the baby is bigger.
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I remember my first night with my son, he started kicking and crying, and I was thinking maybe I was wrong, I don’t want him to be born this way. I drank the whole bottle of water I had bought for him by the time the first hour and a half had passed. I didn’t understand why I had drank more water, and I couldn’t figure out why my body couldn’t get rid of an extra amount of water in my blood. I felt sick all night for the next couple of days, and I think

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