Can you lose weight without exercising? – Week 1 Weight Loss

Yes, it can. It can be as simple as making fewer unhealthy snacks and fewer unhealthy meals. To help you figure out what works for you, here are seven tips from fitness expert, author and fitness trainer, Tim Coenen.

1. Eat lots and lots of raw fruits and vegetables.

Raw foods make you feel full for longer than cooked foods and are filled with nutrients that keep you feeling full longer. Raw foods also can help you feel full longer by preventing your body from turning fat and your intestines from absorbing fiber.

2. Exercise regularly.

A regular workout that is done for 20 minutes at a time or a brisk walk for about 20 minutes can help keep you full longer and cut down on food cravings, as well as give you a boost of energy for a healthy metabolism. If you can make exercise part of your daily routine, it might even help you lose weight.

3. Stop smoking.

Smokers have more stomach complaints, are more apt to suffer from constipation, and are less likely to stick to their diet.

4. Do regular exercise.

Regular exercise — including walking or running three to four hours a day — helps maintain a healthy weight, which means it is important to do it if you have been unable to quit smoking as well. Even just 10 minutes of exercise a week can help.

5. Do a lot of yoga.

Regular yoga and pilates helps people maintain a healthy weight and is a good way to keep your stomach in check by burning off excess calories and helping you feel more satiated.

6. Avoid sugar whenever it can be avoided.

Snacking and sugary food (such as soda and sweets) tend to make people feel full longer and may make them overeat, so avoid these foods when you’re trying to shed a few pounds.
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7. Avoid alcohol when you can.

Drinking alcohol while trying to lose weight can keep you feeling full for a little longer than drinking it after your meals. For best results, drink up to two to three units of alcohol a day, and avoid drinking during the day and at night.

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