Can stress cause rapid weight loss?

There is research showing that the brain can regulate cortisol. The same stress can induce a weight change for up to a day.

Is it possible to lose excessive weight with proper nutrition? Yes you can and there are plenty of healthy diets out there that don’t have processed foods to them, in addition to not eating too many calories.

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Does stress cause obesity? Stress is part of life. Research shows that people with high cortisol levels have higher body mass index (BMI), and research also has shown that cortisol affects leptin release when a person has an intense meal. Some studies also show that higher levels of cortisol cause people to gain weight.

Is there any research showing that stress leads to overeating or weight gain? There is some research to suggest that stress can be responsible for weight gain and that stress can trigger overeating and weight gain. There is also research showing that people with high cortisol levels are more susceptible to overeating, weight gain, and diabetes.

What can you do? You can limit stress by not eating out frequently and by making a conscious effort to maintain a healthy body weight. When stress is high, food triggers the release of cortisol which then leads to overeating and weight gain.

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