Can less sleep cause weight loss? – Adele Weight Loss 2019 But Smoking Again Meme

While weight loss from less sleep may seem surprising, weight loss is caused by other factors including: lack of exercise, lack of energy, and lack of stress.

Sleep should be at least 7 hours a night, although it can vary widely between people. To determine your ideal sleep hours, visit our sleep quiz.

Does being stressed make you sleep less?
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When stressed, it can lead to sleep deficits and weight gain. People in stressful environments are at an increased risk for weight gain.

In fact, many stress-related illnesses, such as asthma and obesity, are not simply the result of a person’s level of stress. Instead, they are the result of genetic, environmental, or biological factors.

Treatment for stress may help reduce or even eliminate stress-related problems, such as obesity. To learn more, visit a stress prevention program.

By now I am sure that most of you have seen the amazing video of a young girl in New York State who was so moved by the video of a young Afghan girl who was being forced into her home during a sexual assault she said ‘If I can’t have her, no one else can’ (yes, you read that right.)

As she is running away, we can witness her ‘staying quiet and remaining still’ but then she takes off her headscarf to escape.

She is rescued soon afterwards and is taken to a clinic to be examined and told she is going to be sent home. She had never experienced the horrors of sexual violence prior to this and we all hope she can use the experience as a teaching moment to prevent others from suffering the same fate.

The ‘fear’ on the minds and hearts of men from all over the world is a real thing, a fear of the other that makes them ignore their female neighbours or avoid interacting with them altogether. It doesn’t get any worse than the situation in Afghanistan. It wasn’t just the Afghan girl I was talking about, it was a boy I know who suffered at the hands of a gang from a neighbouring village and was beaten up for the first time ever, all because he could not get a date with a beautiful girl. No one in his community could see or accept him and he couldn’t go back. He could not go to school because his classmates wouldn’t take him.

I am glad and proud that so many women’s organisations have stepped up to help her recover from this barbaric attack which makes it harder to talk to someone

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