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What is the effect of taking vitamin D or calcitonin supplements when using these medications? Does iron pills increase the likelihood of bone fractures in patients who are susceptible? Is calcium supplementation effective at treating hypothyroidism? Do osteoporosis screening tests change as a result of using calcium-fortified iron pills? Do low doses of vitamin D increase the risk of a number of cancers? Are there any risk factors to consider in patients who are at risk for breast or colon cancers?


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The American Thoracic Society recommends the use of a nonheme iron supplement for individuals with a high risk of developing chronic iron-deficiency anemia due to inadequate iron intake. A study conducted by the Academy of Medical Sciences of Canada examined the association between using a nonheme iron supplement and a risk of hypogealopia and/or hyperopia while at low dosage. This study confirmed those who used nonheme iron supplementation had not increased the risk of hypogealopia or hyperopia. A recent study using a large, randomized controlled study confirmed that nonheme iron supplements did not result in an increased risk of developing hyperopia or hyperopia worse than 20/30. The American College of Ophthalmology does not recommend iron intake in any patient for whom the recommended amount of nonheme iron does not meet needs. The recommendation of using a supplement should take into consideration that nonheme iron is not absorbed into the body as easily as heme iron. This is why a nonheme supplement is better than no supplement at all and can be helpful in patients when nonheme iron levels are too low for use.


The Academy of Medical Sciences recommended nonheme calcium supplement for individuals with a low risk of osteoporosis or low calcium intake, as discussed above and in the table below. There is not sufficient research to determine the use of calcium-fortified iron pills for patients who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, because calcium supplementation is not an effective treatment. In patients with low calcium intake with a prior diagnosis of osteoporosis, such as calcium-deficient anemia, the benefit of calcium could be achieved through lifestyle changes in reducing calcium intake. The Academy of Medical Sciences of Canada reviewed the scientific evidence regarding the use of nonheme calcium-fortified iron tablets. The review confirmed that, despite recommendations for the use of nonheme calcium powder, there is not a safe amount of nonheme calcium powder to be used to

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