Can chewing gum reduce face fat?

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I’m not sure…if someone has a better explanation please let me know! But I think the answer to this is – it depends.

If you eat lots of processed food it might, but if you eat a diet lower in fat and higher in protein it won’t. If your diet is low in fat and high in protein it’ll be more likely to lose a little bit of body fat but not much.

If you have an unhealthy diet your body will be more likely to burn excess body fat from processed food and store it for later, so you won’t lose too much, but you might build the fat that you do lose back into muscle, not all at once.

I’ve noticed if I start to really try to cut out processed food, I tend to lose a lot of that stubborn fat. Not all, but quite often – in excess of 5 or 100 or 200 pounds, I’m like a little fat kid. But if I stick to my diet and diet smart, my body will keep burning those stored body fat.

It’s possible but it just depends what you eat. If you eat a lot of fast food or processed food, I think you’ll build up too many bad fat tissues (i.e, hard tissues deep down in your body and also inside muscle cells). To put it simple, you might get rid of it all through eating a strict vegan diet and then keep losing body fat only as long as you keep putting in the effort. So if it’s not possible to completely eliminate the bad fats from your diet, keep cutting back some.

In all of the comments below, you’ll see a lot of people saying that the biggest challenge in losing weight is staying away from processed foods, but that doesn’t stop them from still eating processed food all the time. There’s really no scientific support for it and to make it even more ridiculous I’ve even received emails stating that their diet just had too much processed food.

My advice to all of you reading this who eat processed food: ditch it. Start with one or two small, smaller portions – like maybe no more than some nuts, maybe less than a couple – and if you’re struggling to get rid of all that old, processed food from your diet, just make sure you don’t indulge more! Just do it for a few weeks until your taste buds feel better – and then give it a chance!

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