Can anxiety make you lose weight? – Weight Loss For Plantar Fasciitis

“Studies show that anxiety makes us lose weight, for people with more severe anxiety disorders,” Sorensen explains. “If you have a high anxiety level, if you’re anxious when you’re trying to make a sale, if you’re anxious or anxious before going out in public — if you’re nervous on an airplane, on the subway, at a restaurant — that makes you lose more food than people who don’t have anxiety.”

If you’re anxious but not losing weight, you might be afraid of eating because of a fear that it may trigger your anxiety or anxiety disorder.

“Sometimes it makes things worse,” Sorensen says. “We know that food triggers eating for people with anxiety disorders and makes it more likely for them to eat.”

What are your worries about eating?

“Our anxiety is one of the main motivating factors for eating,” he says. “So if we’re worried about eating, and we’re eating to relieve our anxiety, we’re actually making it worse.”
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One way to get rid of your worrying about food is to do something you’re afraid of, but you don’t particularly enjoy. “One of the things we’ve found, in our ongoing research, is that doing something in comfort can help relieve our anxiety,” he says.

For example, Sorensen recommends finding some quiet places outside — like your garage or back yard — to have a cup of coffee, a snack, or a cold bath during the day so that you don’t have to be thinking about food.

“Our research and others shows that focusing on comfort can actually help us deal with food,” he says. “But we also see that doing something uncomfortable might increase anxiety. As a result, that can be an effective treatment.”

How can the anxiety make you eat differently?

“If you really want to try a new, unappetizing food, try it in a place that nobody expects you to be eating,” Sorensen says. “I’m not interested in a cafeteria, I’m not interested in going to a restaurant. I want a place where we have a chance to be ourselves and relax.”

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