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When to get it checked out?

The American Society of Clinical Oncology is warning of anemia-related weight gain.

Researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle studied 12 women in their mid 40’s with anemia that did not seem to be associated with any weight loss. They found women with anemia more than doubled their weight and weight gain over 2 years, and four of the 12 did not lose weight after anemia was treated.

Why is it important to get checked out for anemia?

Women have about 300 to 400 blood-clotting cells, which means most women with heart disease or cancer will need to check their anemia to make certain they are not carrying a blood clot in addition to their ailing blood. Blood clots increase life expectancy and are the chief cause of stroke, angina, low back pain, and some types of cancer. Without them, heart disease would be a major risk today.

A recent review of the literature by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that anemia can lead to weight gain in at least half the women with the most common causes of anemia.

When to get it checked out?

A new type of blood test now available on the market can be used to detect low blood-clotting levels and give you a sense of how active a patient is in his or her health care team. The test may be used when anemia is suspected or when an individual may have the blood-clotting deficiency in response to drugs, vitamins, herbs, or environmental toxins.

How to get it tested and how often?

If your weight increases from 8% to 40% of your body weight, check your blood for low-molecular-weight anemia.

If you have low blood-clotting levels, talk to your healthcare practitioner or get a blood test for low blood-clotting potential, a type of anemia with lower levels than anemia.

You can get a test for low-molecular-weight anemia online or in your local pharmacy.

You can also go to the website of to view the full list of laboratory tests for patients with low blood-clotting potential or low-molecular-weight anemia, and to receive information on how to order a laboratory test.

Why anemia can cause weight gain

Research shows that anemia can trigger weight

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