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When you lose fat from anemia you’re losing water. Because you don’t have the capacity to produce enough water to hold your weight, weight will drop.

However, this isn’t an accurate indication of how the body responds to anemia’s reduction in fat. It could be that your body does not respond as you would expect, so anemia isn’t the cause of weight loss. If you are losing weight because of anemia, then you might want to consider dieting so you can regain lost weight or change your lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing hypoparathyroidism.

What about anemia’s effect on endurance and athletic performance?

In studies of the effects of anemia on endurance, endurance athletes have been shown to lose weight. In the study on weight loss in endurance athletes, a small group of runners lost 5 kilograms in 3 months. However, there are several problems with this study that may or may not be relevant to you.

One major problem is that the data were gathered and reported during an already busy season, when there were many other sports happening.

However, in another study that used the same group of runners who lost weight during the same time, they did not lose weight, and also found no significant difference in their total energy expenditure, as measured by 24-hour urinary oxalate excretion. The problem might have been simply the time frame, it did not seem to matter how many races the participants competed in, although some authors suggest that it may be important.

The other study that has been reported in the literature is a study of a group of endurance cyclists. The cyclists used the same training program but did more strenuous rides, but less recovery. Despite the fact that they were in a better condition overall when they finished, there was not a significant effect on body weight.

It might be that the endurance athletes might have had a greater metabolic advantage over the cycling group, which could explain the difference in weight loss, but this is an untested hypothesis. It’s also possible that anemia is just a symptom of a more serious medical condition, but this is not tested.

For more on the subject of anemia, see What is anemia?

Are the signs of anemia important for an accurate diagnosis and treatment?

Anemia can be confused with many other conditions, including high blood pressure and rickets, or a condition called atypical anemia. These conditions are less common in those who

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