Why is the waltz important? – What Is Social Dancing

Well, you have been a bad student today, so I’ll teach you a lesson.” “Waltz. That is a song of sorrow. It is only appropriate that you should learn it,” she says. “But you will not hear of it and I will do everything I can to keep you from hearing it. For once that little voice is silenced, you will feel the joy of learning. That feeling will spread to every part of you and you will never again be a bad student; you will always feel well.” She smiles with a cruel smile, and then the woman leans over and kisses your mouth. “I know you will be a good student and I know you will love everything about school, and that makes me proud. But I hope you will not make this about you or your family…” “Why are you telling me about your family when I am not sure I want to go?” you exclaim. Her face falls in defeat. “I should ask you if you would like to take your own little sister’s place. It would be fine even if she took your spot. We wouldn’t have to spend the whole week together, and no one should have to suffer alone. But if you would rather spend the week with me, I could make it up to you with a little reward. We do have an excellent violinist in our group.” You feel your cheeks burn, and her hair feels hot on your arms. “You’re right,” she says with a sigh. “I should go now, but if you really wanted to hear the lesson on the waltz, you need to take my offer.” She takes her violin out of her bag and gives it a squeeze, then walks up to you and places the waltz on top of her violin case. “Now. Take your violin and get into position.” She puts her hand on your shoulder and leads you to the violin case. She places it on the table, where you are instructed to string up the violin and hold it under your chin and hold it for five seconds. “Now, go.” After a long long string to begin the song, your violin starts playing softly, playing the melody as if it were not there. After five seconds of silence, the wind picks up. Once that has finished, your lips have moved, your hands have moved, and the whole of your body and mind is moving rhythmically. You feel at peace. Your eyes move slowly over your body, feeling for any marks or bumps. For the first few seconds it seems

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