Why is the waltz important? – Songs With Social Meaning In Hindi

One reason is to help the audience feel more in control, especially when we’re speaking to a group of people in a different culture.

For example, let’s say a man from the U.S. calls a Cuban woman who just arrived from Cuba. When they sit down for the first time, the woman doesn’t even notice the difference because she is feeling completely in control. She will naturally relax and even enjoy the experience more. However, a Cuban man, hearing these words, may quickly be put off. He’ll start to think that he’s not in control of what’s happening, like when he sees the woman take out a cellphone and start dancing, but he has no control over what’s happening to her. For the same reason, the audience will quickly get into a mode of taking charge of things, like when the man who’s speaking to her asks “so, why are you dancing?” It’s important for the audience to be able to understand their feelings and make the appropriate decisions.

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3. How do I know if this is going well?

Let’s say you’re a female presenter and you’re telling your fellow female guests how it feels when a man is addressing the audience. The next moment in time, the man will jump onto the stage and start saying what he expects from women to do, like “take my phone…” and “have a drink.” For some reason, when the male presenter jumps and starts the whole conversation, the audience is put off and the woman feels as if she’s being held back. Why is this? Well, the female presenter can take the initiative to start the talk, to say what she wants to do, and that takes the mind away from the man.

4. How do I prepare for a presentation?

Now, I’d like to help you prepare in any way. The best way is to be clear about what you’re going to talk about and also ask yourself these questions:

1. Will my audience know what to expect?

If they can’t see you on camera and can’t hear you, they won’t be able to understand what’s going on in the moment.

If they can see you and can’t hear you from their location in the room, they’re going to have the expectation that you are going to repeat what they heard in the room. If they hear you speak on the phone without doing any of the verbal exercises of having your words memorized, they’re going to believe that you

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