Why is the waltz important? – Social Dance Studio Portland Oregon

Does it remind you of how you used to feel, when you were a kid? Or is it more abstract?

As opposed to a waltz with a guitar, there is nothing abstract regarding the waltz. The waltz can be interpreted as very simple, simple, simpleā€¦ a lot of simple. And in that sense it is not a waltz. Even though I tried to put as much as possible into it, there is still so much I still think about in my head.

I really liked that you put so much in the music. So, your music was never a big surprise after the show?

When I got home the next day, everything seemed very unexpected and new.

It was a pleasant surprise.

The one I’ve felt after the show is that people were really enjoying it. The reactions were similar to the last performance. I remember my grandma had an idea: “This is just the beginning, and I won’t let you end the show,” because she thought it was a very interesting, new experience. As for me, I’m a musician and I have a lot of ideas in my mind and I will give a show of what I think on the spot. So the next time I hear that and I see it on the stage, I immediately think, “This is just amazing.”

Are you surprised by how much people were having fun?

Yes and no. I think with ‘Ode to Joy’ (The Way It Should Be) it was so unexpected, so in that way it was a big surprise to many people, even more than the first performances. Even before I got on stage for the first time, there were a lot of fans who came from all over the world and had no idea what was going on until the first song. They were coming from all over the world!

With ‘On the Road Again’ and its lyrics about love and heartbreak, it seems that you are a sad songwriter.

Yes, and I feel sad.

What do you want people to think about when they listen to your music? Do you want them to think of how you feel when you are crying? Do you want them to think of how you feel when you are sad?

I think it can help when people start to think about these feelings because, honestly, when I am sad, even if it’s like, “There I go again!” you can understand, you really can. That

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