Who invented social dance?

Who invented social dance?

Dancer from the streets of Paris wearing ‘I’m a dancer’ t shirt

We’re in the heart of Paris today, with London and LA’s landmarks in sight.

As many as 500,000 people are expected to take to the streets in London from now until the weekend.

One of those thousands is Londoners and tourists, and they’re celebrating with their feet.

We’re in the heart of Paris today, with London and LA’s landmarks in sight

Crowds have taken to crowdsourcing their own dances in the city to celebrate ‘the new dance’.

From people wearing t-shirts that read ‘I’m a dancer’, to a group of young men in street attire.

The dance moves, performed by a team of dancers, are designed by social media guru Mark Harris, who was inspired by a popular YouTube video of dance routines done in London.

The dance involves people dancing together, but in different directions.

Dancers wearing t-shirts that read ‘I’m a dancer’ take part in the ‘new dance’ in Paris

The dancers are part of the London-based social dance and dance movement, based on the videos of Londoners who performed routines in the city last year.

In each clip, the dancers move in a line, with the one above stepping into the space below.

Mr Harris told the Daily Mail that one of his ‘heroes’ in designing the dance was a dancer ‘who was very proud of how he turned in the videos’.

One of the biggest draws to the Paris dance, which started in February, is that it is a ‘festival’ style dance, with performances in a dancehall.

People take part in the crowd-sourced dance move in Paris, which involves people walking in opposite directions

Mr Harris said: ‘The dance is a fusion of the modern dance hall, and street dance. It can be done in front a audience and at a festival.

‘Many people ask me to put the choreography online and I have tried my best to create videos for it.

‘This has been a great way that people have taken part to inspire others to take part in the dance!’

It was only last month that ‘I’m a DJ’ was named the official official dance of London.

Mr Harris said: ‘I was inspired to come up with the new dance a few weeks