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The modern form of social dancing has been perfected on the dance floor. Since the 1960s, social dancing has flourished throughout the world, with a wide variety of dances developed by many different groups.

Some of the most famous dance groups include: The Fader, The Chameleon, The New Breed, The Dames, The Lark, The Lady & The Tramp, The Swirlies, The Jive, And, of course, The Disco Dancers. In the United States, the earliest social dancing groups, such as The New Breed and The Lark, grew organically and were influenced by each others’ own original dance. Since this type of dance developed slowly over time, it’s called “social dancing,” and it’s a unique type of dance. A social dance is a type of dance only practiced by those who are interested and knowledgeable about social dance.

It’s common practice for social dancing groups to set off from some kind of shared theme to play their own styles of social dancing.

Social Dancing Styles

The main type of social dancing that has been created by all social clubs is the American dance. As seen below, American dance groups include many different dances.

Dance: The American dance has a strong focus on the movement of the body. Movement from one partner to the other, or each of the dance partners, should represent a complete “movement,” a complete rhythm.

Chorus: The chorus, along with the dance group, dances around the group. The dance in the chorus is not the most “salsa-like” of a group’s style, but as with many other dance styles, there are a variety of variations of this dance that can be very “salsa-like.”

Jazz: The jazz dance is about being on a good time when you’re dancing. Many people consider jazz to be the most “salsa-like” sort of dance. The dances used in the American dance may be found in any style called “jazz.”

In addition to dance, many forms of social dancing take place during each or both of the following times and locations:

Lunch: At various times in the day, social dancing groups do other activities such as lunch, a walkabout, or shopping. Social Dancing Club Membership Fees

These fees include the price of the membership and the expense for the members to do specific types of dance and activities. These fees vary from club to club and each

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