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The world’s biggest hip hop group with over 30 millions fans. What they sing? Rap songs. What they wear? Black jeans, white sneakers and white t-shirts. What they do? They’re professional dancers for the New York City-based hip hop group, Run The Jewels. Run The Jewels is the most famous hip hop group in the world and also the biggest touring group today. They’re touring the world with the most popular song on the Internet today being their hit single in the form of “Run The Jewels” .

They made it even bigger in 2014 in one year in which they have performed in over 100 countries, winning over 25 awards for their work.

But is New York City’s newest tour with the run down street group running the show behind the scenes?

No. Not exactly. There is a production company, which is called RATJ, they take the videos and images from the video on to their own site. And they use the graphics to make a lot of the posters. And they use the graphics to put posters on all these things that get taken in the street and stuff like that. That’s part of what we do. But they don’t really take any of it over.

Where are the shirts?
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We had about 300 orders for the shirts and some of them were pretty crazy. In the beginning, we were just using shirts from a store in the United States. And now we own this huge warehouse in Brooklyn right in the heart of the heart of the city. And they came to us and were like, ‘No, this is too hard. We’re too busy. It’s impossible.’ And for those of us who are really busy, what happens is we have a lot of shirts and we’re like, ‘Oh, all you do is ship everything.’ And then we just have to send it back, because it’s too expensive to ship all the way out here.

And what are the most popular pieces of clothing that you’ve sold to people?

We have a lot of clothing that’s like, they were sold to us in the beginning, we don’t know why, but they got sold out immediately. Because we have our own store down there now. But I’m not a brand owner, so for most of my clothes, I’m not in charge of making that happen. It’s not really my job to try and find new people to buy from.

So are people usually able to have that?

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