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When we think of hip hop, we think of the

street hustlers, the street gangsters, the hip hop stars.

But if you stop to think about it, there are

thousands of hip hop artists who’ve put their

money where their mouths are in the most incredible

way. I want to name some of the finest and

most influential hip hop artists of all time.

[MUSIC: Ayesha, “Hip Hop” (from the

album B.S.K.)]

So, who are some of the most influential hip hop artists today? Well, these are the artists you have to listen to if you’re a hip hop fan today!

Lil’ Snooki

[Watch Snooki dance in the video, “Snooki Niggas, ” for more]

What? You didn’t hear that? That’s from

“Snooki Niggas,,” a track that she did with

Zachary Konz. It is one of the most incredible hip hop

tracks, ever. Not in terms of its composition or

rhythmic techniques, but in terms of the way in which it

contains such an incredible amount of

creative expression within it.

“Snooki Niggas,” tells the story of a group of

neighbors who are trying to figure out how to deal with

their situation and their situation’s consequences. It’s a

very powerful, empowering track that is an ultimate

example of someone doing something that is very

powerful, creative and powerful.

The track was featured in the “Snooki Niggas”

interview that Jay-Z had with me and that I

played for you. He said, “In the world of hip hop, there would have

been no Lil’ Snooki. It might not exist.” And

I asked, “Why not?” He said, “Because there was nothing

that she could pull of that the way she pulled of it on the


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And I said, “There’s something you could pull of on

all the tracks.” Because, on those “snooki niggas” tracks,


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