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An online petition calling for the arrest and trial of US soldiers involved in drone attacks in the Middle East has been signed by more than 20,000 people.

The group called “Stop the Drone,” which aims to “raise awareness of deaths caused by American drones and to stop arming the Islamic State (ISIS),” says that it was formed through a Facebook account that “went viral” last year and that it has collected $14,000 from thousands of donors.

Among the supporters was the brother of a young American killed by a drone strike in an alleged mistaken attack in Yemen.

A video posted to the Facebook page shows a grieving father telling his son, “I think we made a good decision” before holding up a sign that reads, “We did.”

“We don’t just want them kicked out of this country,” said Robert Tappan, a spokesman for the group. “We want them tried, convicted and sentenced.”

President Barack Obama has publicly announced fewer than 50 “captured” militants with whom he or his administration has agreed to a deal.

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Tappan said that even an initial conviction for such crimes would be difficult, as military trial standards are so stringent in the United States. The legal standard would be to prove that the deaths of the civilians were caused by the US-run drone strikes.

“The military is reluctant to prosecute people who fly drones,” he said.

While it is generally legal for civilians to target drones in the Middle East, such incidents have been rare.

When Reuters visited a field in Yemen a few years ago, one drone shot down an airliner, and a group of gunmen took over a hospital.

Saving a Life in a Land Mine: The Role of the Catechism in Accident Detection

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A recent survey of 50,000 parents in the UK and Ireland by the Centre for Child Safety (CCS) found that nearly 50 per cent consider “God’s teachings” essential to their child’s education.

So important are these so called moral teachings in this regard that almost 40 per cent of parents say that they do not have permission from the Church they live in, if their child refuses to follow particular teachings. (CCS, 2014; Focardi-Ravattini, 2005)

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