Where did social dance originated? – What Is Theatrical Dance

What is the source of the term?

For an in depth study on the origins of dance, read the book: Cultural Dynamics of Social Dance (The American Mathematical Association, 2001).

How can you define social dancing?

Social dancing is defined as a dance that is an extension of a social group. The dance often includes a social element in the form of group participation and group support.

A recent article from a British newspaper suggested that the new U.S. president was likely to leave the Paris Agreement on climate change.

According the Daily Mail, a recent interview with Donald Trump revealed in it that the President-elect will want American industry to come up with technology solutions that are cheaper, smarter, and better to use than existing fossil-fuel based technology.

As part of a discussion of the future of renewable energy, Trump mentioned that the Paris Agreement is “dumb,” and that he wants to get America “back into energy,” making the world “braveer” again.

According to the Daily Mail article, this was his “biggest concern.”

“I would be absolutely certain that if I was president,” he stated, “the American people would want to keep it. I think that’s the toughest question, we want to keep it.”

While Trump didn’t mention climate change in the quote, his remarks were interpreted to mean that the President-elect would want the U.S. to be open to using “clean” technology so that the world does not go back to fossil fuels.

The government will invest $300 million in a new high capacity broadband network and expand existing capacity by installing fibre optic wires in the second quarter of 2017 in areas that are “high quality of service,” the National Broadband Network Company has said.
The ABC's of Ballroom Dancing — Quick Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio

The investment of the NBN Co’s second quarter capital spending programme will see two new fibre optic wirelines installed in rural and remote areas. This will be implemented with high throughput capability, which will help NBN Co expand its FTTP services.

The fibre optic cable is being rolled out in locations that are “high quality of service” with strong, reliable and high bandwidth. The investment will help the company improve capacity in a “high performance network,” bringing down download and upload times while providing more reliable and low cost coverage for the public.

Marlene Wilson from NBN Co said the broadband services for remote and low-income areas are important to improve connectivity to the rest of the country.


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