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Social dance is derived from the dance of the people. And I believe the people of ancient Athens had a deep respect for their countrymen and the arts of life. Therefore, when the ancient world developed a great respect for dance, the origin of social dancing is also clear.

To my way of thinking and to your way of thinking, the reason for this connection between Athens and other countries and cultures was not only because of the way of life.

For example, there was a big influence from the ancient Greek culture on the Greek society of today.

For example, we are today seeing the influence of Greek music and art on foreign cultures that will come in contact with the Greeks in the future.

The Greeks did not always get along with foreign nations. In fact, in Ancient Greece, all the nations except the Persians did not live in harmony and the cultural clashes did not always stop because there were no wars for years.

The reason for the cultural and geographical connection?

In the period of Classical Greece, the Greeks were forced to migrate from the mainland area towards the island of Mygdonia. And these people had the courage to leave their families and their homeland in an attempt to get the education and opportunities they had been denied. After centuries, the Greek people made the move back to their homeland.

In the beginning of the second millennium, when the people of Athens were returning to their homeland, most of them had never been to the mainland.

So, it is impossible for today’s generation to see themselves as descendants of the ancient people of Athens.

The same is true for many other countries and cultures. But it is the responsibility of the modern generations to show respect for their cultural and historical heritage.

So, in the spirit of my speech, I would like to mention again my appreciation and respect for the Greek people, for the Athenian democracy and for the ancient Greeks. And I would like to say that our nation will always remain united, and there are some people who will not allow this to happen.

And this is the attitude of those who wish to divide the nation.

So, I would like to end this speech on the basis of a great friendship and with a great wish of peace and stability in Europe, and in my heart as well.

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