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Most classical ballet (along with classical and modern jazz) was considered “artistic” during its time, but it has been replaced by the modern dance. In the 20th century, the modern dance craze started with the rise of music production techniques. In these productions, dancers would be forced to move, move fast, move frequently, and then stop and then dance many more times in sequence. This encouraged artists to “break” their music into smaller, more precise musical units called a “movement,” and to create larger movements with larger number of moves. It took a “break time” of 30-30-30 minutes, depending on the movement and the choreographer.

Why is it called ballet?

The word brague is French for “bridge,” and “bravo” is Latin for “thunder.” It is a form of language. This was the original French pronunciation for the word “bravo,” and it is still used by French people for the word “brutal,” “sadistic,” and even “frightful.”

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What is its purpose?

During the 19th century, dancing became popular in theater. In this style of dancing, dancers were forced to dance in small spaces with an empty space between them in order to create an audience. Because of this, it has the same name as the German word “brust” (sadistic), and has been used to mean “sadistic” ever since. “Bravo” (and brust) was also originally called “blondes” (because blonde hair), and was originally used to refer to dancers as “brute” (a man in order to be taken seriously). In this way, the word “bravo” was a way for the dancers to differentiate between men and women, especially women’s and men’s styles.

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