What is the easiest couples dance to learn?

Tango on the Sauna, by Daniel Miley!

There’s never been a better time to learn a simple samba on the beach, then right now! The key to the dance well is having a supportive partner for this dance, but also practicing it.

I also advise learning the steps from one of the world’s best dancers, Daniel Miley, and practicing these from memory. You’ll get a better flow, in my experience, if you practice it out loud with a partner (a good teacher is an added bonus, too!).

Learn to Tango on the Sauna – YouTube

What is the ultimate couples dance to learn?

The perfect marriage dance for someone who wants to be happy all the time!

The Sona is my first dance in the Sauna but I think it’s my best. When I teach these songs out. I also add a short section (on the danceboard) to my lesson schedule to focus on this dance.

Learn to Tango on the Sauna, by Daniel Miley

How to tell if your partner wants to learn salsa?

This is the first question I always ask.

If they are excited to dance, I start out with simple moves that get their attention quickly. If they don’t think it’s exciting, I go all out. I also say no for at least 1 full minute per section, because I don’t want them to feel guilty about missing one step or not feeling so good afterward!

How To Master Salsa, by Michael Soto

Where to learn salsa?

Body Language (2011 film) - Wikipedia
There are a variety of places on the web that will teach basic salsa – here’s one I like! It’s on Udemy –

You can also listen to “The Dance School of America” on YouTube —

Also, check out the YouTube page for a lot of great videos on the techniques of salsa!

You can also buy a CD from CD World – You get the dance and songs, plus a CD with other salsa songs, on CD World . But they charge $50 for the salsa (or $45 for the CD)– which isn’t so bad.

Salsa Classes for Beginners, by Sarah Soto

How to learn salsa?

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