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If you choose to go to a class or class at a dance studio, I do not recommend the 5 Dancing and 5 Ballet classes. They are designed and produced by other dancers. I feel they are not dance classes that offer students the “how to”. The class is more geared toward the more advanced and advanced dancer, and is probably not for beginners. However if you are looking for beginner class, check out The Barefoot Ballet Studio and The Barefoot Ballet. These classes offer a new method and feel to learn to do a dance in a comfortable and relaxing space. They feature a ton of variety and are a great alternative to some of the more high cost dance studios.

Can you teach classes to my children?

Sure, sure! I have a couple of kids in my class and they love it. But please keep in mind that these classes are meant for adults, not my little students. As such when teaching to toddlers, I teach them the basic moves first and then I move on to more advanced dances by asking them to move through some of the basics and using them as my base to go to more advanced levels.

Do you accept children who don’t yet have the basic steps?

No, no, no! My classes are only for adults. When you enter my class there will be a sign on the desk stating that dancing is for adults only. If you see me dancing I will always be the one dancing. So yes, you are welcome to join my class if you don’t have the basic moves, but I will be the one dancing (yes, I really do dance). There is not a dance floor for a few reasons:

– it’s a dance studio that focuses on fitness

– I teach dance classes to adults only for the reason that I do not want my kids dancing when they are very active!
Ballroom Dances: Types, Classifications, Competitions

If you have a child who is not yet ready to be dancing then there are classes for that. I would suggest you do not start the class with any new partners because that can be a dangerous situation.

Please remember, you do not teach someone how to do a dance. Instead, I will tell you that they can do that in 2-3 simple steps. Also, if you do not have the basic steps then please do not come into my class with them. But I will still provide a space and teach you the basics if you wish.

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