What is the easiest couples dance to learn? – Definition Of Social Dancing

To be able to dance a few steps in a slow, sensual way, dance around the room and then take a few more steps while the partner steps around you.

What is an ideal way to warm up?

First of all I love to do yoga, it’s very relaxing and the breathing it a beautiful way to calm me down. I do a number of exercises every night with a little bit of music. Some of these are called Vinyasa and they are a simple, yet very warm exercise. For example, try to imagine yourself as a giant and take in as much air as possible and then release your breath in order to start breathing normally again. Then repeat this as many times as you will manage.

How do I start making myself feel better?

You’ll feel better if you make yourself laugh. Start with a few different stories, if someone comes over try to tell them a funny story and if they make a funny face laugh it can really relax you.

What are your favourite books on dance?

Journey to Infinity by A. S. Passmore. It was so inspiring to look at that book, the stories are just so inspiring, there is a great sense of wonder. It also helped me to develop a new type of dance, you can’t see the person you’re doing something with so the words just blur up. Then there is The Art of Dancing by David McRaney. I have just read this about a year before I had my accident and I was blown away. For me it is the most inspiring book I have ever read. You feel like you are in a fantasy world and when you read the first page you are so moved that you just have to go back and read the rest of the book.

What is your favourite dance move?

Shuffle, it has always amazed me and the other people I hang out with it is pretty much everything.

What is a bad dance move?

Lazy Walk is the worst dance move. You know there is a problem with it when all the ladies of your class tell you to do it because it is too lazy.

What is your greatest accomplishment in dance?
The Top 5 Skills Every Dance Studio Owner Needs for Social ...

Wearing a tutu to the Oscars and having four tutu’s all over my dance.

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