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Folk dance is a form of dance that people dance throughout the spring season in order to stay warm and to help make the journey for the spring fair season. Social dance, on the other hand, is a more informal form of dance. It is more akin to dancing with a group of friends. There are so many different types of social dance that there is a great variety in each of the many societies in Ireland. The more people that dance the more people that will attend the dance.

The term folk song is usually applied when it is a song that is sung, but not written down, as part of a specific dance. Folk singing is another word for a style of dance such as Gaelic dancing, a form of dance that is also sometimes referred to as ‘Dance of the Tuathail’. This is a type of dance that involves moving from side to side and changing position. The dance can also consist solely of the use of a single foot and it is very common for people to dance with each other in tandem during a dance. The dance’s history is quite varied and the most common dance for this period is known as ‘Cenotaph’ where people place a cross on the bonfire that is usually lit during the Easter season.

Who can dance the traditional dancing?

The term ‘traditional dancing’ encompasses a large range of different types of dance and varies from social dance as well as traditional dance. Traditional dancing is what most people associate with, while social and folk dance are often mixed with each other. Social dance can be viewed as a bit more dancey than the old dancing, while folk dancing is known to be more danceable and may be more difficult to do than traditional dance.

How can you find traditional Irish dancing?
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There are several ways in which people can find information about traditional Irish dance. One of the more notable ways of seeing traditional Irish dancing is at the county fair. As with the local fair, there are several different types of dance that take place at the county fair. The dances have various styles ranging from traditional Gaelic dancing where people move from side to side while being in motion, to Gaelic and dance performances where dance is performed on both the dance floor and the stage. Some of the more popular forms of dance at the county fair are: “Trad,” “Dance-Off,” and “Kissing Dance.”

Where can you find Irish dance online?

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