What is the difference between folk dance and social dance? – Origin And History Of Social Dance In Philippines

Folk dance is a variety of dance that is common in the Caribbean and the United States. Folk dance originated from Jamaica as an instrument to accompany people to work in the fields and fields. Some dances that are often considered folk dances are:

Git Mule-Amen

Juke Dance

Trick or Treat Dance

Pipe Dance

Waltz Dance

Can you do any of these types of dance as a child? I have a cousin who is trying to learn to do all those dances.

Most of the dance that people do as children is simply a matter of preference. Some of the movements are quite simple but others require a dancer to have the balance and endurance to move around so that there are no accidents and more importantly, safe techniques. For example, the genteel dance that some people love, like the fado, can be complicated with a lot of moving and the proper balance and technique. It is also extremely difficult to understand and do as a child.

Is learning to do any of these kinds of dances beneficial in any way?

My guess is that learning to do many of the many variations of a dance such as the Juke, the Fad, and Waltz will give you a broad knowledge of them which can certainly have a beneficial effect. I know that when I was young on Jamaica I enjoyed dancing in the same way that I enjoy music today; with all the elements. I learned the Fado, the Juke, and the Waltz in my very first year in school; so I have that basic experience and I don’t wish to miss out on my youth, so to speak. Learning the various dances can give your child many skills and it is good practice for your dance.

I grew up in rural California and when I was young I learned all of the popular swing styles. However in the last few years all of the popular swing dancers that I know (which is not all) have moved to New York and are much more serious and musical (I love the Swing of course). This has made some of the kids in my area less interested in learning Swing. Any suggestions at all to help people from the states move on? I love the swing dance, but after being to several state finals in California I feel I have moved on from this style of dance.

Yes! When you are not dancing or are in the process of leaving the swing, you can take away some of the cultural values and history

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