What is social dancing mean?

When will it be possible to join?

When I saw that there was a free lesson I called my parents. Then a few days later I saw that the lesson was free. I decided to go and get it on the first day, and that is how I met the owner.

What are you doing?

I am studying at a university near Moscow to get my diploma. I also have a job. But also in the summer I am studying in Finland as well in Helsinki.

How do you get in?

I have to be sponsored by somebody. But, I have no idea who that can be. So first I just have to show my ID photo, passport and a passport application. I think one of my neighbors will sponsor me, I am a young bachelor.

Why so many girls?

I started in a disco with three girls from Helsinki, one of them had a boyfriend, and now I have three different girls in Moscow.

Why dance in the winter?

It is nice to dance because the temperature is cooler, but also because people enjoy dancing and have a good time for several days. The most difficult part is that my feet and legs can’t be warm. I tried to keep them warm with clothes but they still were wet, so I had to get dry socks. So most of the time my feet get really hot.

What is your experience with this kind of dancing?

I have seen it in concerts also. The fans are nice and sometimes they make you dance and dance but the actual dance is not good. It’s just for the show. I hope to find a better type of dancing in the next few months.

You’ve got a dance number in Moscow.

I did it with three girls from Moscow. The one who had her husband, she got it and she was really happy with the result. She loved dancing at the rehearsal and in the dance number. I will also go to Helsinki to learn to do it, when I have free time, I will try that.

The dance number in Helsinki is not exactly the way you wanted it!

It’s not. Some people can say it is better than anything else. But what kind of music is it like in Helsinki to dance like.

What are the girls like?

They are beautiful girls, very nice and good-looking. They don’t even know that I am dancing in the club or that I like it. They