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Is it a good thing? In the beginning, social dancing was a means to break down social divisions as well as breaking down the social barriers between people. The social dancing revolution was the most effective social force in the whole history of China and it is our goal to give rise to such a revolution.
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In the course of the “social dance revolution,” or social social dancing, women also achieved their right to participate in traditional and historical dances: this is when the movement started developing and the “dance revolution.” There were already women dancing at the time of the Song dynasty and the “dance revolution” started in the “social dance revolution” and “traditional dance revolution.” The women dancing in social dancing were very lively and spirited, so it was very lively; it didn’t matter whether it was the traditional dance or that was being celebrated in a social dance. Many traditional dances were performed in Chinese social dance. For example in the traditional Dance of the Seven Elements, the dancer’s arms were held apart and she danced at each of the nine elements and she was very vigorous. The women dancing at social dance were very lively and spirited, she danced at the eight elements and at the three quarters. She danced very high and then fell down a little bit at the ninth element. When she came to the ninth element, it was very strong and she had to stop and she danced and fell down a little bit. Then she came to the seventh element and she was very joyful, she danced at the seventh element, she fell down a little bit, then she came back to four elements. Then she went up to the fourth element and then she came to the third. Then she danced at the third element and she fell down a little bit, she came back to the second element and she danced at the second element, she fell down a little bit; she started over in the third and then she jumped out into the second. Thus there were women dancing with all kinds of dances. All these people who danced at social dance were very lively, lively, beautiful, they were very energetic, very lively dancers.

It is quite natural that if you put women in front of people like that, they would jump and dance and dance, they would move all over the place. If a man came and gave them a glass of water, they would dance, they would jump, they would go everywhere, they would jump and dance.

Therefore the social dance revolution had the effect of breaking down the barriers between men and women. All kinds of

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