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Social dancing is a traditional dance that involves the use of body language to communicate with others. It may be performed in a social setting, such as with friends, or it may be a dance for professional or corporate function.

Social dancing is most commonly performed in bars (i.e. dance floors) but can also be performed in nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and stadiums. The most typical dances include:

In the last post we discussed about the different ways to generate random data with Matlab. In this new post, we will discuss the different sources of random data as well as some ways of solving a problem with random data.

Randomness is a feature of nature. For example, we will discuss about the phenomenon of random numbers in this post. But, of course, we do not need to be convinced about this fact as we can also use matrices or any other data types with randomness.

Nowadays, our data has a lot of randomness and so Matlab provides a great opportunity for us to create random data. We will also discuss about the way in which we can use matrices in this article.

The Random Data Generators

Matlab’s main tools for generating random data are the random number generator and the matrix multiplication function. The Random Number Generator is the mathematical tool that generate random numbers from a series of random inputs.

The Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator provides a set of methods to generate values of the form 0 … n. The Random Number Generator is also the main tool that Matlab uses for generating random numbers. The Random Number Generator will generate a random values between 0 and 100 inclusive to each axis of the data space.

We will use this to generate a data set of size 1 × 1 × 1 × 1030. The Random Number Generator may be used in any situation when we want generate randomly selected values.

The Random Number Generator

The matrices are the second most common source of random data and there is a great opportunity for us to use them. Matlab provides support for writing and using matrices in an intuitive manner. This will be covered later in an example.
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The Random Algorithm

The Random Algorithm is a mathematical tool used by Matlab to generate random values from a sequence of matrices. The Random Algorithm can be applied across any numerical task. The Random Algorithm is most often used when we need to generate a random values from a matrix by using a

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