What is dancing for you? – Fast-Paced Ballroom Dance

I’m sure there are people who have never thought about it until now, but I think it’s something that every single person should try to dance for at least once.

One year ago, I learned that I could make people cry. I thought that it was a bad life choice, but it happened.

I learned everything about dancing. I was learning about the best types of movement, the body and brain. I learned how to take my own dancing to the next level. At that moment, I was able to stop worrying about money, and instead focus on how to get more money.

The best feeling I ever had during that moment is when I was dancing with my friends. I was so emotional and happy, and I felt like I had made someone else happy. That was the best feeling ever.

There is a scene in your new video where dancers are being shot from guns. They were all really happy to be alive, and that was a real moment of happiness. Did you experience it before that?

Honestly, it wasn’t one of the best moments. I’m not a big fan of violence. I think it was something more emotional than me laughing my assoff. I’d rather think about other types of feelings than about those.

Your second album, ‘Roses’, is one of the most emotional, beautiful and personal projects you’ve done yet. How did you come up with that concept?

My album title comes from a song by The Beatles called ‘Help.’ When you listen to it, it sounds like this weird music video but in reality it’s a tribute to this song.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my name. On stage, at the studio or at live events that I’ve never gone on, it’s always confused me. I’m like, “Oh this is a girl, this is a boy, and I should be talking about this.” When it comes to the lyrics, it actually makes sense because it’s a song that has so much passion. It’s about hope and the joy you give people, but at the same time, there’s a fear behind it. It’s about love.

The Washington Generals

by Paul W. Scharre


The Washington Generals (sometimes named the Washington Rangers) were a minor-league baseball team based in Baltimore, Maryland. In the early 1930s, the Generals were the fourth American League team to be formed on this basis

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