What is dancing for you? – Asocial Vs Antisocial Meaning

We will have some beautiful people in the house with us! The guests can be friends- or people who dance- but they are not permitted to touch you or make sexual remarks. Do you think you’ll like being the ‘cool girl’ at this place? Yes, please! There will be food and drink available. Do you think this place is a bit like the dance? No, but you get used to it and love it. Do you think this is a place that you could afford to go to before? It’s not! Does this place have some of the cheapest food that you can afford? Yes! Does this place have any decent-looking men? I believe there is one! And I’ll bet he’s not a total bummer!

So there I stood, not a dancing girl among them, listening to a conversation between two men as we passed by. Finally, though, someone asked me, “Why are you here?” I told them I was there to listen to a conversation between two men. In the course of that conversation, one of the men had said that there were women involved in the dancing. The person who asked the question had a puzzled look on her face, but I told her about it. She was surprised at the question; I said it was the same question she had asked a friend of hers, and she confirmed what she had always suspected about the man who had asked the question. As soon as one of the men spoke about women, the other turned his head and said: “No, I’m not interested in that at all.” The two men had stopped talking.

Then I had a thought. Why should they stop talking? After all, I thought, they had both been men! If this is a place where women could dance, if they are as pretty and beautiful as every other woman at this place, why, they’d be there just as I was! Why should one man stop talking, the other just keep talking? At this time I felt that the men were not interested in women at all; they were interested in each other. We began walking again, and the lady next to me was looking at me in horror as I walked past her, and I told her that the two men who had been talking were just as interested in each other as me. At this all the people turned to look at me, not at the two men talking, as though they had been thinking of something else. As I went back to the dance area, I was sure there would

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