What is dance performance?

It’s a form of music that incorporates musical instruments and choreography. In the United States, dance is popular in the form of jazz and the world’s greatest music festival is the Olympics.

Where can I find dancing videos and videos with people in different locations?

We have videos on our site that you can find on YouTube, or on our LiveDance channel that you can subscribe to. You can also find a full list of dances on our DanceFacts page. Please feel free to let us know if we can add a dance to our website.

Who is a dancer?

A dancer is anyone who performs dance, whether it be on an artistic level or a professional level. In addition, anyone who is involved in the dance community is considered a dancer.

Dancing is an art form, and therefore everyone from musicians to artists, dancers are in some way involved in what we do. A lot of people just view it as dancing. But really, dance is an art form, and many have contributed so much to create what we know today.

Who does what for me?

When dancers come together it’s done to entertain the public or the audience. For example, the “Miley Cyrus Show” or a number of movies like “Annie”. Many are not professional dancers, but simply entertain the public or the audience.

How does dance work?

It all boils down to three things: choreography, music and timing. We put the three together to create something beautiful.

The choreographer is always the dancer. When your favorite performer, or a different musician/organist/dancer/drummer/violinist/guitarist/dancer/guitarist/dab player/piano soloist/viola soloist/guitarist/trumpet player/violoncello soloist/ballet soloist/trombonist/wind chime/bass player/trombone player/piano flute player/voice/fiddle/voice/organ soloist/flute player/violin soloist/piano/cello/flute/guitar/soloist/piano soloist/piano soloist/blues flute/mixed media soloist/viola soloist/flute, flute/soloist/trumpet soloist

Where does dance come from?

Dance has a long and