What is creative dance?

We don’t consider creative dance to be a type of dance at all. It’s more like a way of making noise. So, I love it. I grew up watching Michael Jackson and I still watch it very, very often. And I had a friend who has a blog that has everything you need to make music. He put his ideas on the page… the ideas came into his head… he made a movie about it, and it was a little funny for a year, I really enjoyed it and he was always like, “Oh, you should definitely go ahead with this.” And I think that kind of inspired my friend to do it. But I just think that, creatively, we just make our own shit, and we don’t really care. I think it helps people, it takes pressure off, and it’s really fun.

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What about the word “dance” itself?

“Dance” can apply to dance music in general, but I think it’s more of a genre thing that everyone has their own interpretation of. I don’t think anybody actually is “dance music.” I think it’s kind of like any other genre. You can have people who like “hard dance”… we’ll say “hip-hop,” and they’ll say “EDM music.” And we can also have people who just like, “Hard Dance”… It’s something that happens, and like dance music is a huge part of who you are.

You’ve stated in the past that “hard dance” is not a genre. Is that still the case with “dance music”?

The dance music people look at and ask me for my opinion — “Is this dancing?” or “Is this a dance” is just not what I do. The dance people look at and say, “Yo, he has this flow, he’s got that… like this… he just does it. That’s how I like to do it.” I don’t ever really look at dance music the same way as the DJ guys. They have their own interpretations of dance music and I look at it purely as a musician. That said, I do think when a DJ drops a song that it’s probably a good thing to hear something new.

What is a DJ and how do you create a good set for them?

A DJ is a DJ. Any one of us can bring something new to the table, if we bring a bunch of other people, we’re basically just a