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Creative dance is the process that makes music feel so good while providing you with an amazing performance! It is a very different style of songwriting from standard dance songs, but it can be very powerful for the overall effect from your dance piece. For example, if you write a song based on the classic piano ballad “You Should Be Dancing” you can use the piano part in your dance piece to really bring out the song’s impact. Or if you write a song like “We’re the Champions” to use it alongside your rap or bass section you can create a powerful rap/bass beat.

The musical style of your dance piece is what determines the strength of the song and how the song feels while performing. Most people think of the style of the dance song only in relation to the dance type, but the style of the dance song is actually just one aspect of how the song feels and how the song feels in the dance context. The style of this song is what is also referred to as the “tone” of the song and the tone of your performance.

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So how do you choose a style of dance song?

If there’s one sure-fire recipe for creating the exact tone of your performance you’re looking for, it’s listening to an artist’s album of the style you wish to create. Just like the music itself defines the quality of the song, the album of the style you are trying to create defines the tone of your dance piece. The more a song is influenced by styles of music and styles of performance, the better your dance piece will sound and the better it will perform.

So how do you find the best styles of dance song?

If you feel comfortable with the song and the music itself, you can go with anything you feel comfortable with. However, if you’re unsure as to what you want to create, look through the best of the best artists and albums on the internet. It’s a great way to find inspiration from artists that you haven’t previously heard of. And if you really need some inspiration and are inspired because you hear a song that is the best in your genre, check out popular YouTube channels and websites, like,

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