What is creative dance?

There is no true definition; there are hundreds of definitions. However, it has four essential components:

1) The artistic creation of music and the performing of music.

2) The creation of choreography with music.

3) The combination with the music.

4) The creation of the art of performance and music, not to mention art and dance in general.

The key is to get it right before you do anything else, and make sure that there isn’t anything that isn’t right.

For a detailed explanation of the concept and how it relates to a DJ’s ability to entertain and to have fun, please see our article, The DJ’s job is simply to entertain the audience.

In order to be properly educated and to properly perform, DJ’s need the proper knowledge.

If they don`t have that knowledge, then they will be doing a disservice to their audience.

This article explains how to educate someone who is not able to properly educate themselves, because it is something everyone should be able to do.

So what kind of knowledge does this mean?

This article defines different types of knowledge. These types of knowledge include:





The first category of knowledge we will cover is the personal knowledge, this means you, the audience, can learn the facts about what the DJ is doing. So if you know how to talk your way past a security guard, you are entitled to know how to talk your way through this entire process.

There are two types of education here. The first type is the learning, this means that when you learn something new you should know what you are learning. This is also something that should be your responsibility, not someone else’s responsibility.

The second type of education is the learning, which is learning information about a subject which is of greater value and relevance to the audience. This is a different learning process.

Here are some examples of this type of education:

The most popular types of education that are important for DJ´s are those in regards to music. In a recent event, some music was made to go with a dance that was very similar to a party. This was a type of public education.

The second education that really should be taught is what goes with music. This is a type of art that is not just for a DJ to create, rather it should be a process that allows people