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Chacha comes from the Sanskrit word हम्बी, Chacha meaning “friend”, and मप which means “friend”. This is the name for the goddess of friendship.

“Chacha” as the name of the goddess is also the nickname for Chacha who is mentioned in the following verse of the Mahabharata:

“The Chacho, whose mother was Harappan, was born on the ninth day of the month of Kailash.

The Chacho, the mother of the other five daughters of Harappan, is called Harap, Harappan, Hararupana, Rahu, Treta and Tretat, the goddesses of friendship.”

This is further elaborated in the Mahabharata:

“There is a king called Kaurava who had an ugly wife named Raurava, and a very ugly daughter named Bhima, whom his father said had been born from his womb.

Kaurava said to Raurava that it was for his mother, Raurava’s mother, that she had given birth to this ugly daughter of his, which was Bhima.”

The word हम्बी as in हयन as well as Chacha is used in the Hindu scriptures for the female counterpart of Vishnu. The goddess Vishnu was the one who is considered as the goddess of goodness and knowledge. She is one of the most revered deities in Hinduism, and is known as Lord of the worlds. She was the Mother of all Gods, and the personification of all goodness.

Priti Chaddha is also the famous saintess who was born around 1000 B.C. This is also also mentioned in the Mahabharata along with her.

Kamol Chaddha was also said to be a poet like Parvati, and was the wife of King Chandragupta.

The title of the goddess is generally ascribed to Panchatantra – a mythical being whom can only be described as the embodiment of all qualities of Vishnu. This is related to his incarnation as the “Great One”.

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