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The latest in our series of tips for using Dropbox’s cloud storage service.

Dropbox has updated its website to offer a comprehensive list of its features and services, but this time we focused less on the list and more on the way the site works.

For example, some of you may have noticed that we are not offering any special offers for you to try out DropBox. Why not? Simply put, we are not the creators of the service or the Dropbox team, we just offer it for free when you use a webmail that supports webmail. We’ll explain a little bit about webmail on this site; you can get more info about Dropbox and webmail right here.

It’s easy to get started with Dropbox. Click the button on the left to head to We have a guide on setting up a webmail account in Dropbox, and we encourage you to have one too. Once you do have one, visit the webmail web page at and then follow the instructions on the page that shows up. When the webmail is setup, a URL will appear in your browser’s address bar. You can visit this URL in your browser right now, in the browser.

This means that you don’t need to sign into your Dropbox account and click on any link. You can just go straight to and try the service out. If you just want to check it out, visit the web page and then click on the dropbox icon itself if it is in your browser’s address bar.

While Dropbox’s webmail is now available in a full web version, it wasn’t on the original Dropbox version until last year. You could get a web mail account with Dropbox for a monthly fee of $15, or $49/year, and you could get a web mail account with no monthly or yearly fee at all for $10/month.
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That’s a pretty good deal, but that’s still too expensive for those of us who frequently use a webmail account for other purposes than just email when we use webmail for email. So we are pleased to present to you the new Dropbox webmail.

Dropbox WebMail

You will first have to open your Dropbox account in the web browser. Clicking on the dropbox icon in the address bar will load the new webmail page in your

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