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They wear outfits from their favorite brand! We have the brand new FUZZY BABY TIE. And this adorable white dress with the red hearts.

You can also wear the FUZZY BABY TIE if you are in a short sleeve tee, as they have some amazing colors you can wear there. These aren’t cheap but you can get them for much less!

Here we have the top in white on a blue tank top, which comes in a variety of colors you can wear.

It looks like it can be worn any way.

Another top is pink, which is definitely adorable! I can’t get over how cute that is!

The one I am really excited about in pink is the PINK BABY TIE. It comes in a variety of different colors and you can go with a t-shirt with it!

The next dress we have is the BABY CIRCLE CREWNECK. It has a red heart on it!

This dress comes in a multitude of colors and sizes. I would love to buy the size 1 (small) if I could find one. If you are interested just ask me what you want in mind!

Here is what it is like.

Here is my mom wearing the dress.

Here is a side view!

Here is the size chart for the BABY CIRCLE CREWNECK!

This dress is so amazing! It’s also one of the most popular dresses at Forever 21.

These are some of the different pieces and colors.

You can buy the pink one below!

And the rest of their styles from top to bottom:

In the above picture they have the same dress with a different heart color that we had in the past.

The red heart is pink too!

Below we have two cute dresses.

Milonga Porteña (Argentine Tango Social Dance) - Argentine ...

And one is just for fun!

If you haven’t checked them out, it’s important you shop here.

And here is the list of the clothing that they have on display.

What are your favorites? Which ones are your favorites?

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