What dance means to me?

“Dance is a language to which all women are called. I can’t dance with the men I love, only with my friends. My mother calls me in my sleep.”

What’s the dance of my life?

“I’m a dancer; it’s the thing I most want to live, or at least not die.”

It’s time to dance

“The only way I want to die is dancing.”

It’s about time

“You need one more chance to dance.”

Dances are so beautiful,

But they’re so painful

“It’s the dance of my life, but I hate walking by them. For you would die if I ever saw you dancing.”

Social Hip Hop with Sammy — Koresh Dance Company
In the end

“The dance is a beautiful thing, but I know it hurts more than it should. I’d let the pain go to my head, and all I know for certain is that we’re more important than that.”

Dance is your time right?

“I would love for you to take my place now and dance with me.”

The recent announcement of the official release of the first new edition of the PPSSPP standard for the Open Source Processing Stack (OS) was made last week. With the release, the work in this area has received a lot of attention. The announcement also gave some great information about OS-level differences. For instance, there is one more difference that is usually considered. But it’s not important for this discussion.

There are several other differences in the OS versions of PPSSPP. Some of these differences are known, some are more surprising. One of these differences is about the default configuration of the libraries. In the PPSSPP 3.3 series, there were several different configuration choices, but most are gone. The defaults are now the libraries in the “Default” group.

Here’s an interesting overview of what’s not in the “Default” group. There are some differences between the OS versions:

The compiler has been changed to not use the “-D” switch nor the “-S” switch during the build.

The environment now includes the C runtime library, which replaces the OS-dependent C runtime library. (This library is not available until the OS is upgraded.)

There is now less dependency on libc. So some programs that use the library (like the PPSSPP-based command-line tools) won’t