What dance means to me?

It means being in the moment. It isn’t just about dance moves – it’s everything about what you do in the moment, how you feel, how you think, what you want.

A group of students are demanding that a local high school be forced to turn into a Muslim-only zone. The students also want a new building dedicated to “students of all races,” according to the Daily Caller.

A group of students at Northside High School in Austin, Texas (the Austin American-Statesman) recently gathered outside the school to advocate for their demands. One student said, “We are a safe environment for all students at the school.”

The students also pointed out that a “non-Muslim” was the only teacher who would welcome them into the building.

The school also had a “diversity policy,” which was written by Muslim students themselves, and the students were not given the opportunity to vote for or against the policy, according to the Daily Caller.

The school’s Principal said that the “diversity policy has nothing to do with the Muslim faith but to do with the diversity of the school environment.” He also explained that the goal of the policy is “for all students to have an equal opportunity to meet and talk with their peers.”

However, not all students agree with the school administration’s decision to enforce diversity. One student said, “Our diversity policy isn’t being implemented so that people of different faiths can feel included in that environment. It is simply being enforced to protect the feelings of the students who happen to be Muslim.”

Additionally, several Muslim students at the high school are protesting the school’s decision to implement the controversial school policy. “We are fighting to put a moratorium to all [discrimination] policies,” a student protested.

However, the school officials said that Muslim students can be “free of bias” because they are all students. They also said that the Muslim students are “free from fear” because they are all “in a safe environment.”

The students argued that “students’ first priority in school is learning, and that is not influenced by religion.” Furthermore, according to the school officials, all “students [are] not Muslims,” so the school policy does not have any “real value” other than “protection by the law.”

The school also defended Islam’s right to express itself in any way that they want. This includes not only preaching and speaking in the classroom, but also using the restroom.