What are the rules of dance?

If you’re not familiar with the word, here’s a useful definition to get you going.

Dance = Movement (not sound)

Here’s another definition: Dance is all about movement.

How to dance is to move your body forward, then change direction. It’s like running backwards. It’s easy to think of dance as being like running and jumping and doing everything you can to jump back—when in fact, dancing is all about doing something different—moving around, stepping back, and then stopping and letting your body move, then repeating that process with a different pattern.

This dance sequence requires three steps—step, step, step.

Movement (the “movement”) involves a continuous movement of the mind. The mind can move from side to side or from front to back. There are two kinds of movements: moving from one state of awareness to another and moving in time.

Each action in movement has a destination point. This destination point is the first stage of the movement: A.T.S. The second stage of the movement is T.S. (Time).
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When the mind moves from one place to another—not from one state of awareness to another, but from one place to a specific time—the mental and physical body—the hands and eyes—are not only involved, but also moved. The hands move from place to place so that the person can see what the person is doing. In time, hands and eyes are moved too, to see which stage of movement it is, where the destination point is, and where the next stage is.

As long as the person is aware of the activity, these movements are going on. Mind is aware as well (though in a different way than other states of awareness. Consciousness is aware of the external world, and this is the same awareness as any other state of awareness. Consciousness is not in the world; it is the world, for it is the physical body that is the external environment, and so it appears in the physical world even though the consciousness in the body is not in the physical world.

When the minds go into their destination point, time moves. Time is moving through space. All the bodies and minds are moving along the path of movement, each is moving forward, then back, then forward, then backward, then up, then downward. The mind, then, moves along the path. That is what it is working toward, working along the movement