What are the rules of dance?

Here is the full list from the dance FAQ

Q: Are there any special rules applicable to dancers in the front rows?

All the dance rules are the same! The front row must follow all the rules!

Ballroom dance - Wikipedia
*Note: This section has a note about getting in and out of the front rows.

Q: Are there any special rules for ladies in the front rows?

If you are a soloist or a female soloist (that means the female partner dances with the male partner in the back row), you are welcome to dance solo under all the new dance rules. If any lady soloist is in the front row, she must perform in the Back Row and can dance in this area if she wishes.

It’s also ok for her to dance in the front row, on her own. The back row is reserved for solo dance.

Q: Are there any rules for people in the back rows?

Yes. In the Back Row, you must follow your partner on the floor. You may not make any moves that disrupt the dance. You also must not block anyone’s view with your dancing or make any way to interfere if another dancer needs assistance.

Q: Are there any special rules for male dancers in the back row?

If a male dancer is in the Back Row, he is also in the front row and must perform in the Back Row. If he needs help, he can ask a female partner to do it for him. This is only an exception to the general rule. If you are unable to see anyone in the Back Row, you should also not take part in the event. You can still observe the show at the front, but in the Back Row.

Q: Do I have to stop dancing if I get upset?

No. You may continue to dance whatever you wish from your point of view, regardless of what others are doing. Just don’t make a big scene! You can dance around to your heart’s content, and enjoy the show.

Q: I’m not sure about a dance rule – can I still participate if a partner is not there?

The answer is NO!! It’s against the rules to be in the front row. You can still dance with other people, but you don’t want to disrupt the action and make people wait for that “special person” to come in.

Q: I don’t want to dance but I want to watch people dance.