What are the names of hip hop dance moves?

It wasn’t even difficult, you just had to go out and try.

It was about getting a group together, just being spontaneous… I had the group in my house I thought, ‘Let’s just go out and start doing them things that are going to make money.’ If someone like that started doing them it would open up a whole new market and make people want to try it too because these kids have got a different way of going about things and there are so many different elements, a lot of different things. That’s what I was about. I was trying to create something that wasn’t anything that anybody had ever been doing before.

How did you manage the money you were making?

I worked a lot of the nights in the club and just had no expenses… I’d call all the girls and say, ‘We’d like two thousand, three thousand, four thousand for this.’ Or two hundred for this. There’s no record deal, I didn’t have a record deal. That’s how I was raising this money… Just by doing it. I was going to college right after I signed the deal. I’d get up in the morning and I’d check e-mails and I’d be like, ‘Well, I need about eight, eight hours of sleep.’ I didn’t care. But I was able to create a platform that people wanted to join, so they could have more access to rap. At the time I was working at night, I wasn’t making $4,200 a week, but it felt really good, I was making a lot of money, and I didn’t have to work.

Who could you find where you were going? Where are the next hip hop music artists you want to have make money?

That’s a hard one because there are so many… That’s a tough one. I had a lot of producers like Chris Brown at the time, TLC, all sorts of rappers I was working with in that regard. The next one would necessarily have to be like the most underground, but definitely a big one and make a lot of money.

How do you feel about the music that you’re working on now?

I feel good about the music I made… I don’t think it was going to be big, but at the same time it felt like we had a little bit of an awakening over the last two or three years. People really knew about it. Most of the fans of the music that I put