What are the benefits of dance mixers?

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Dance mixers are typically used when the mixer isn’t getting enough input from your monitor speakers and they’ll help add some clarity to your mix, so you can hear the speakers in action while working in the track. The effect is particularly important in mixes where the speakers are playing in unison, giving you the option of having the speakers ‘listen’ to the track in a way that isn’t heard by headphones.

Is a dance mixer a good idea all the time?

Of course it’s a great idea – and you might not think about it, but it is. Sometimes it will be right to run a drum track with a mix of guitar and bass that goes to two monitors. There are many circumstances that the sound gets better to use this way as well as the mixing experience itself.

Where to find a dance mixer?

The sound of your music and your mix can often become lost without the sound mixer. The best sites are MixingWorld and Mixworld is a great resource for finding high-quality products, so go have a look. Technics also covers a wider gamut of speakers for music.

The best places to order from are Amazon, where you can find a wide variety of products. Also check around on Sound and Vision Online, as you won’t have to search through the same shops.

For more on how to get the best quality equipment for music, see our article How to Find the Best Speaker System for Your Music.

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